IMERYS KILN FURNITURE is a leading global supplier of kiln furniture and technical ceramics, thus holding an extensive range of high quality ceramic products for industrial applications. Part of the IMERYS GROUP, world leader in adding value to minerals, the company controls the mastering of composition, the design and the firing expertise of its ceramics. 

IKF provides the best valuable services to its customers. The company specialists bring their expertise to develop your global turnkey solution. Design your new installation, maintain or optimize your existing ones, IMERYS KILN FURNITURE is determined to becoming your long-term partner in all of your refractory and technical ceramic applications. 



FOR ROOFING TILES: U-Cassette, H-Cassette, H-Cassette for Accessories, Full set of Kiln Car Refractories… which are made of Cordierite - Mullite with high precision & resistance.

FOR TABLEWARE: Pressed Batts, Pressed Profile Setters, Cup Ring Setters, Plate Saggars, SiC Setters, Pressed Cranks… made of High qulity Cordierite – Mullite & SiC (Recrystallized SiC – R-SiC, Nitride-bonded SiC – N-SiC…). 
For each firing process (Biscuit firing, Glost firing and Decoration firing), IKF offers a full range of solutions to match all the kinds of tableware (Porcelain, Stoneware, Earthenware or Bone China).

FOR SANITARYWARE: Kiln Car Systems (Combination of Cordierite – Mullite & SiC); SiSiC Beams (made of Silicon infiltrated SiC); Extruded Batts, Extruded Props, Casted Caps and Shoes, Casted Stools / Supports, Shower Basin Supports (made of Cordierite – Mullite); Lavi Setters (made of Cordierite – Mullite or N-SiC/R-SiC). 
Leveraging on high quality materials, a wide range of shaping processes (extrusion, pressing and casting) along with unique high design capabilities, IMERYS KILN FURNITURE has developed a very performing and complete set of solutions for the sanitaryware industry.

Leveraging on its expertise in designing, composing, shaping and firing ceramics, IMERYS KILN FURNITURE is developing technical ceramics kiln furniture solutions for a wide range of industries: 

  • High Voltage Insulators Solution.
  • Electronic component solution (patented solution): e.g.: MLCC, Ferrite… 
  • Sintered Metal Powder Pieces for various applications (e.g.: watches, bioscience, automotive…) 
  • Ceramic pieces for automotive (e.g.: spark-plugs, DPF) and process industry (e.g.: grinding balls)… 

Here are some of technical solutions IKF has brought to the industries: 

  • Petrochemical & Chemical Industries 
  • Car Industry 
  • Electrical Resistances 
  • Heating Devices: Burner Nozzles 
  • Bio-Sciences 

In addition to kiln furniture for traditional applications like roofing tiles, sanitaryware or tableware, Imerys Kiln Furniture has acquired a strong experience in developing solutions in technical ceramics using this successful approach. 

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